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English: A completed PANDORA bracelet
English: A completed PANDORA bracelet (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

N.J. Diamonds doesn’t sell Pandora jewelry, but to better educate myself about them and the care of them I started doing some looking into the jewelry the bracelet in particular.  Having seen many come into the store wanting the bracelet cleaned we’ve told all to take it back to where they bought it from and have them clean it or dip it. It was just something you tell a customer because after all they should  do that free of charge or at least we would, but each store’s  policy is different. It’s a good things we did not clean them and when you read on you will understand why this is what I found I hope it helps those of you who need to have your Pandora jewelry cleaned.

We recommend that you do not wear your jewelry during physical activities. PANDORA jewelry is not rhodium plated and does not have any tarnish treatments.

Via:Caring for Your Jewelry – Pandora Store

What does this have to do with anything you might ask? Well much of the silver jewelry your buy these days has a coat of rhodium on it to help prevent it from tarnishing, because this isn’t the practice at Pandora you might find that your Pandora jewelry is starting to tarnish just take a look at some of the reviews for this product many sites have people writing about their jewelry tarnishing.

PANDORA jewelry is very special and must be properly handled and cleaned. Feel free to speak with your PANDORA Store  representative to ensure you are aware of how to correctly care for your jewelry.

Cleaning and Care:

The best thing you can do to keep your PANDORA jewelry clean and shiny is to use lukewarm soapy water and a soft tooth brush to scrub the jewelry. All PANDORA jewelry should be rinsed under water thoroughly and then dried immediately, to prevent any residue from staining the polished surface of the jewelry. For more stubborn stains, let your PANDORA Jewelry soak for a few additional minutes in lukewarm soapy water.  Gently brush it clean, and then rinse it in clean water.  NEVER USE LIQUID SILVER POLISH, SILVER PLATES, BLEACH, AMMONIA BASED PRODUCTS, OR ANY OTHER CHEMICALS. 

 PANDORA Beads with Pearls:

Any PANDORA beads with pearls should NEVER be worn in water containing detergents or chemicals. Special care should be taken with any pearls as any product containing a high alkaline content such as hair spray, perfumes and soap can damage the pearl. Pearls should not be stored under any high powered lights, or come across any sudden temperature changes.

 General Jewelry Care:

Before storing your jewelry for a length of time, please make sure to clean it first. We recommend that you do not wear your jewelry during physical activities. PANDORA jewelry is not rhodium plated and does not have any tarnish treatments. Nor does it contain any Nickel.  It is Silver, Copper and Zinc. 

In-Store Cleaning:

PANDORA customers can stop by our store on Tuesdays and Thursdays (excluding holidays) for a complimentary, in-store cleaning.

PANDORA Polishing Cloths:

Dry your jewelry using a soft cloth such as the polishing cloths available from PANDORA.


 Do Not Expose PANDORA Jewelry To Chemicals

Silver pieces are given detail by oxidation. However, oxidized silver and pearls can be easily damaged.  Exposure to harsh chemicals can alter the appearance of your PANDORA product. 

Chemical Reactions:

PANDORA San Antonio encourages our customers to be cautious about allowing any PANDORA jewelry to come in contact with chemicals. Chemical exposure includes, but is not limited to, 

  • Never use jewelry cleaning solutions, liquid silver polish, or immerse the jewelry in harsh detergents, or well water.
  • Do not wear jewelry in the pool, spa or hot tub.
  • Do not store your PANDORA jewelry with rubber bands.

There are so many webpages talking about just how to take care of your Pandora jewelry and just how careful you have to be with it. Over on Facebook How to Clean and Maintain your Pandora you can find all your need to know. There are many sites and forums with many dissatisfied Pandora jewelry owners. Here’s one question from,

I purchased the Pandora Sterling Silver Bracelet over a year ago and have been “building” it ever since. I noticed that my bracelet looked tarnished so I used a jewelry cloth to polish that is made for silver. It helped a little but now it has spread up the bracelet. I called Pandora and since it has been over a year they said they could redip it at my expense, WHAT? She said they have a tendency to do this due to your body chemistry. I have another silver bracelet that I NEVER take off and I have worn it for 2 years. It is fine – no tarnish or anything. My pandora looks like it has a brass or bronze look to it. I thought about replacing it but am scared the next one will do it as well.

Does anyone own the leather version of this bracelet? Thought maybe that would be a better option. I could just go ahead and fill it up maybe it will not show as bad…so upset over this!

Any suggestions???


Read all the comments to this question here


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