Jewelry does need to be maintained to keep it looking it’s best clean, polished, and on occasion repaired.
We recommend that you have your gemstone jewelry inspected three times a year this can save you money.
When we inspect your jewelry we look for bent, broken and worn prongs. If left broken, bent, and worn prongs can lead to loss of gemstones.
You want your jewelry to look it’s best that’s why when you have it inspected three times a year it’s cleaned and polished keeping it looking as shiny as the day you bought it.
N.J. Diamonds can do just about any jewelry repair that your jewelry might need we repair most jewelry in-store.
At N.J. Diamonds you will be confident knowing that your jewelry is entrusted with a professional with over 20 years of experience in jewelry repair work.

Jewelry repair

A Short List of Jewelry Repairs  Done by N.J. Diamonds

  • 💍Repair Worn
  • 💍Retip Prongs
  • 💍Ring Sizing
  • 💍Ring Soldering
  • Repair Broken Chains
  • 💍Clasp Replacement
  • Set Gemstones
  • Rhodium and Gold Plating
  • Engraving
  • ⌚Watch Link Removal
  • ⌚Watch Battier Replacement
  • Earring Post Repair/Replacement
  • Earring Wire Repair/Replacement

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